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How AI & IoT Can Solve Mental Health Issues
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The combination of AI and IoT can bridge the gap between healthcare personal and patient despite the distance. FREMONT, CA: IoT- and AI-based devices are conjointly creating forays on the path of tumbling the challenges to eliminate the...

How is AI Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry?
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When AI is applied to the surface plasmons, the results can assist in detecting and treating cancer and do in-vitro studies of neuron cells. The technology also holds promise in the biomedicine and molecular diagnostics fields. FREMONT, CA: The...

Can Better Dental Innovations Bring Advanced Treatments?
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The better the innovation is for the dental specialists to utilize, the more helpful it will be for the obligatory visits for individuals.  FREMONT, CA : Healthcare advances in new ways consistently, and the advancements that are...

This Is How AI Helps With Revenue Cycle Management In Healthcare
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AI manages the revenue of the healthcare provider by allowing them to achieve operational efficiency, compliance and optimal reimbursement. FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI), presently dominating the headlines, is harnessed to assist...

How AI Influence Revenue Cycle Management In Business
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AI does not come as a human substitute at the end of the day however can complement the staff resulting in higher efficiency and ultimate success of the company. FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence technology is no longer an enormous game...

Here are the Trends that Shape the Healthcare
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Emergences of new technology with the advancement of existing ones create new opportunities for healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients with more efficiency. FREMONT, CA: Technology is widely employed in almost all the...

Interoperability of Healthcare Data: No More Excuses
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Jaquie Finn, Head of Digital Health, Cambridge Consultants

It was back in the 1960s when the introduction of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems allowed a full clinical picture of an individual’s health data to be collated into one place. With the promise of improved care coordination from...

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) and Controlled Drug (CD) prescribing
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Leyla Hannbeck, Chief Pharmacist and Director of Pharmacy, National Pharmacy Association

Earlier in 2019, electronic prescribing of Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs (CDs) was introduced at prescribing and dispensing sites across England. This important stepin healthcare technology has raised many issues for community pharmacy teamson...

AI in Healthcare: A Giant Opportunity
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Emily Mackay, Head of AI & Data Strategy, Congenica

“AI” we hear it everywhere, with frenzied excitement. But what is it, and does it warrant the hype? Often overlooked, AI is not yet an “it,” despite almost universally being talked about in the singular. AI (artificial...

Raising Citizen AI
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Jared Mabry, Chief Information Officer, HCA Healthcare UK

Going back just a few years, the general public’s perception of AI was the stuff of science fiction, now it’s an everyday reality, from facial recognition on selfies to automated online customer service we interact with it every day...

Blockchain Advances that Medical Officers Should Know About
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Blockchain technology employment remodels the mutual exchange methods of vital research and helpful healthcare data. This tool enables critical stakeholders like clinical researchers, pharmacists, doctors, and other healthcare providers to gain...

Role of Machine Learning and AI in Precision Medicine
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AI and machine learning are the driving forces for innovations in the field of precision medicine.  FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are driving much of the innovation in precision medicine in the health...

Here Is How AI And Big Data Is Changing Healthcare
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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are reshaping the healthcare industry by providing benefits that are essential and profitable. FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence resonates in many industries. However, their impact on healthcare changes a...

AI has the Potential to Reshape Healthcare Sector
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Here are the challenges that artificial intelligence tools can solve in the healthcare system and can provide annual saving. FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence-powered solutions are reverberating across the healthcare sector; it is gaining...

Here Is How European Healthcare Is Moving Towards AI
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Europe is closing out gap in artificial intelligence, the country has to double down their efforts to succeed in the era of digital transformation. FREMONT, CA: The potential of AI is rumbling across all the sectors, including healthcare. From...

RCM: Unifying Business and Clinical Side of Healthcare
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Gerry Baker, Senior Vice President, Revenue Cycle, Parkland Health & Hospital System

The rapid shift to value-based care continues to revamp the healthcare sector, bringing with it changes and challenges to the billing, reimbursement, and revenue cycle. This shift is coupled with increased expectations from patients for their...

Technology Revolutionizes Healthcare Sector, the Industry on its Way to Transform in Future
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John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple and present Chairman of RxAdvance talks about the different path of progress with tech-kings. FREMONT, CA: Technology plays an important role in every industry and personally. The medical field is a vast...

Beginning of IT Healthcare Innovation
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A strategic approach toward innovation will eventually allow organizations to make full use of the recent healthcare techniques. FREMONT, CA: As suppliers start to adopt innovative healthcare instruments, patients, physicians, and...

New Tech Innovation Accelerating High-Quality and Accessible Global Healthcare Facilities
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James English, Vice President & General Manager

Strategic implementation of innovations results in effective and affordable healthcare operation for both organizations and patients.   FREMONT, CA: Cerner Corporation (NASDAQ: CERN) collaborates with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to...

XRHealth's Healium to Soothe Stress with VR
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Eran Orr, CEO

The partnership allows users, patients, and doctors to see and control stress-related issues through the VR healthcare platform. FREMONT, CA: XRHealth (previously VRHealth), a global leader in extended reality and therapeutic applications, has...
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