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Is Your Health App Compromising Your Data Privacy?
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Be careful while choosing a health app, because it can leak your personal information to the third party. FREMONT, CA: This is a digital world, where digital tools are used in all the sectors. According to the mobile app development companies,...

Making Healthcare Better Through Mobile Innovation
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Bijoy Sagar, Global CIO, Stryker

The medical technology industry, like many others in the healthcare sector, recognizes the importance of innovative data-based solutions in delivering a superior patient and customer experience. Assuring the delivery of these solutions within a...

IT Strategy in Healthcare
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Matthew Sena, M.H.A., CIO, Northern Arizona Healthcare

Today’s healthcare IT strategy is a tree with multiple trunks and many intertwining branches addressing needs of a complex and evolving healthcare landscape. The term “healthcare technology strategy” itself has become...
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